New and Upcoming Publications

“Like Warm Ice Cubes” forthcoming in Plume

“Bodies Find No Resistance from the Omnipresence of God” forthcoming in Hotel Amerika

“Thou Art the Man” and “Tactical Defense Plan for the Glass House” in Georgia Review, winter 2019

“Hitchcock Cameo Walk-on Exit” in New American Writing 37 (2019)

“Sufficient Unto the Day Is the Trouble Thereof” and “Argus and Mole” in Kenyon Review May/June 2019

“Fishers” on Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day, October 3, 2019

“Eccentric Votive Offering” in Poetry, September 2019

“Memory as Seamount and as Island” in Poetry Northwest Summer and Fall 2019

“Inordinate Fondness” in FIELD 99 (Fall 2018)

“Gnomic” in The Southern Review (Fall 2018)

from “The Book of What Is in the Netherworld” in Denver Quarterly (Fall 2018)

“Nothing at All” and “Pilot to Navigator” in American Journal of Poetry (Volume Five, Summer 2018)

“Lullaby, with Bough-Break” in 32 Poems (Summer 2018)

 “Bloodworm Baltimore French Fry” in Agni (Fall 2017)

“Study for a Hallelujah” and “When Will I Be Full Many Like the One Swallow” in Gettysburg Review (Spring 2018)

“At the Last Trump” in Bennington Review (Fall 2017)

“And Think Yourself Yourself” in Kenyon Review (November 2017)

“Mappamundi Ouroboros” in Image 97 (2018)

“Sibboleth” in New England Review (Spring 2017)

“Truth, Says the Truism” in The Southern Review (Spring 2017) and Poetry Daily

“Confessedly” and “By the Road of By and By” in Field (Spring 2017)

“Deicide Note” in Gettysburg Review (Winter 2016)

“Comes the Reckoning” in Yale Review (April 2017)